Isometric pixel art

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Author: Gunstar Red

Part 2: The Mathematics of Isometrics

1. Having it's basis in Engineering technical drawing the isometric view represents Objects from a perspective less viewpoint. Objects are based on a diamond shaped grid as shown below.

2. An traditional Isometric view is based on an angle of 30 degrees, however due to the nature of Computer Monitors 30 degrees gives a messy and uneven line when displayed on a screen. Pixelart uses an angle of roughly 26.565 degrees. Don't worry about the sudden appearance of mathematics you don't really need to concern yourself with all these numbers.

3. When drawing a line at 26.565 degrees all you need to remember is 1 up and 2 across, this creates a step like effect when zoomed in. Look at the image above: this line was created by placing two pixels then moving 1 pixel up and placing another 2 at the end end of the previous.


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