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Author: Gunstar Red

Part 6: Let's Build an Isometric House

Using the techniques I have explained in the pervious sections we will now use these skills to draw an Isometric building. I've chosen to create a videogame store called 'Marsh's Loft', you of course can draw what ever kind of building takes your fancy.

1: Start buy drawing a basic box outline. Doing this helps get the correct scale for your building.

2: Because a basic cube shape would make a very boring looking construction I have added a more interesting top section. This top section is made from 3 thin square chunks laid out on top of each other and then joined at the edges.

3. Now we have the basic shape of our house we can fill the image with our chosen colour.

4. To make things even more interesting I've added a indentation to the top of the building, this creates a roof terrace and is a nice little easy to create detail.

5. Once again using our Top_left lightsource we choose 3 variations of our colour, a base colour, a lighter colour and a darker colour. Using these 3 hues we fill each side depending on how the light hits our building.

6. Now lets add some highlights to the edges. Highlighting the inner edges of the building gives a cool effect, the black edges can be very overpowering but adding these highlights really help to round off our building. Notice also that I have replaced some of the black edges with a darker blue shade.

7. I've added a window buy drawing a rectangular shape then a smaller rectangle inside the first, this gives a carved out effect and creates a window ledge.

8. Using a similar technique to the window I created a door next to the window.

9. The shop is called Marsh's loft but how will people know this without a sign, here we take a slight diversion before our building in finished to explain how to create an isometric sign.

10. Choose a type face type a character, I've chosen a 3, make sure the anti-alias option is turned off. There are many free bitmap typefaces available for download on the internet, getting a small library of bitmap fonts really helps when using type in pixelart.

11. From the photoshop menubar select EDIT/FREE TRANSFORM/SKEW and skew your character to an isometric angle, you can do this buy eye of using the 25.565 angle.

12. Now use the Marquee tool to select the character, then on a new layer choose EDIT/STROKE make sure the size is set to 1 pixel and the location is set to center. This will give you an outline of your character.

13. Now duplicate the layer and move it back to create the 2 sides of our isometric character. Join up each edge using the 2up 1 across method.

14. Now colour fill each side and clean up any pixels that should not show through our isometric character.

16. Once again using the top_left light source chose a darker and lighter shade of your original colour and fill the corresponding sides using these colours.

17. Now highlight the edges using an even lighter shade of our chosen colour.

18. Finally add some pure white pixels to each edge.

19. Right, now we have learned how to make isometric type we can create a sign using this technique. I've create my Marsh's Loft sign and put it on top of the right hand edge of my building.

20. As a few finishing touches I have added some highlights to the glass, and some stickers and signs above the door and on the windows.

(Actual size)


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