Isometric pixel art

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Author: Gunstar Red

Part 5: Light Sources and Colours

1: A lot of comic style pixelart uses a black outlines. Lets create a lightsourced cube as used in the prevous sections. We start with a cube created using a solid black outline.

2: Choosing our lightsource from top left pointing downwards onto out cube. Then paint the forward facing face blue, choose a lighter blue for the top where the light is strongest and a dark blue for the left hand face which receives the least amount of light.

3. Our cube is now looking more like a 3d cube but there's still a few things we can do to make it look even cooler. Because we do not need a black outline on every edge we can highlight the forward edges (those contained within the shape) to give a very nice effect. Choose a shade even lighter that the top face of our cube and colour the lines that make the inside edges of our cube as pictured above.

4. As a nice finishing touch choose a pure white colour and put a few pixels on the front facing corner, this give a shiny effect to our shape.


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