Rebelstar tactical command gameboy advance game

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September 2005
Rebelstar: Tactical Command game for GameBoy Advance Rebelstar for GBA

I was making details of environment in this game - floors, walls, furniture, sandbags, trees, metal chests and so on. My schedule included 226 objects.

In addition I was creating heavy armored unit (the one in the center of the second screenshot).

I was playing Rebelstar for a while (on emulator, have no GBA). The game is a lot of fun for sure. Laser Squad (quite similar to this one) for ZX-Spectrum was always my favourite game and I was very pleased to know I was working with the creator of this game. Yeah, Rebelstar and Laser Squad were made by the same person - Jullian Gallop.

I would like to thank Dmitriy Chernenko and Denis Istomin for the invitation to join this project. Thank you! It was great to work with you!

The game was developed by CoDo Games and published by Namco.

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