Jewel Quest II 3D Java game download

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December 2007
Jewel Quest II 3D Java game download java game jewel quest 2 3D for mobile phones jewel quest 3D cell phone game

Game description: Continuation of the popular puzzle Jewel Quest is now in 3D form. Your task: build a chain of three or more stones of one color. Once this is done, the field under pebbles changed color stones themselves disappear, and you prize money earned. The goal of the game that all the red box. Follow the indicator - the game is on time! But do not despair, here full of bonuses, which will help in passing. In a game more than 50 levels and 5 secrets!

I was working on animated gems and effects in this game. The only 3D things here are menu background and cut-scenes, so don't be fooled - all I was doing for this game is a pure pixel pushing :)

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